As of recent patch, the Balance of Power will easily run to the right side upon war victories, making harder to push it to the left, so it is best not to trigger this mechanic until you are done with your conquest. After you are secure the fastest way to gain autonomy points is to mass produce infantry weapons and convoys, then to Lend Lease them to the UK (it will give you more points if you have better tech than them so rush those next level weapons). Don't pick a focus yet. Men? Occupy all of mainland France while having at least 20 fully equipped Bicycle regiments. This way divisions which will retreat will do so to the empty middle tile that your armies surround. Be sure to get all the cavalry units you can. Justify and declare war on Poland to gain a border with Germany. Taking Curacao from the Dutch will not give the achievement, as it is counted as part of South America. For Italy, liberate the Kingdom of Libya, Eritrea and then Somali Sultanate. Be aware Japan will declare war on you but if you keep your coastline defended and your ships in the area, they won't be able to effectively naval invade. Option 1: Give into German and Soviet demands for territory. Leave the first 4 in first slot, next 8 advanced, and again 4. Once France is occupied, produce 20 Bersaglieri divisions. If you want to be extra safe, defeat the Netherlands first, line all your troops up against the belgian border, declare war on them and immediately break them with your tanks at the coast. Once you are done with Ethiopia, you can start justifying on France, switch your mountaineer to normal infantry template and train 7-8 paratrooper divisions as soon as you are done with paratrooper research. Time the liberation of Eritrea and Somali Sultanate to occur with five days of each other using the guns decision. Setup a naval invasion, making sure to include your light tanks and motorized infantry, from Germany to Dieppe and put your navy on naval invasion support. As communist Italy, save Gramsci from the brink of death, make him the leader of Italy and form the Italian National Union. During the peace deal, take the American States as well as the French-held Kurdish State - the Axis will mostly focus on African and European lands, and will only take land elsewhere if nothing else is left. Go for Synarchist Baja when you switch, get Mexico in your faction and attack the United States on the East Coast. If you think you should have got this and haven't, double check you haven't missed one that wasn't mutually exclusive on the same row of the tree. Use these divisions together with your fighters to make a push through the low countries. Declare war on the Soviets. Declare on them and annex them as soon as possible, before they start war against you. The Soviet have their hands full with the German and are reluctant to attack accross bad supply areas (as of patch 1.11), so keep pushing on Moscow through any gap you find and let the German clean up behind you. As Haile Selassie, declare yourself King of Kings and control Kenya and Tanzania. Stay on your owned territory or the territory of your puppets. They can randomly give Transvaal the required Factories. Make the cheapest Battlecruisers you can and build 6 at the same time (you start with 3) with all your dockyards assigned, build more dockyards to speed up construction. Regardless of what warlords accept, justify a Take Claimed State war goal on Communist China; then, garrison the large army you just trained across Nationalist China and any of the warlords who did not accept vassalization (do not garrison in Communist China if you got military access from them, as you can't directly declare war on a nation you have forces inside of). When you have defeated China, demand the subjugation of the warlords and declare war on the ones who don't agree. Access to the focus "Towards African Unity" is, as before, possible through "Rebuilding the country" focus. The Netherlands has not lost one of its starting states This is best done in a run where the emperor stays thanks to the massive boost to compliance gain that the "Elect of God" focus grants. Start as Japan. After capitulating Turkey, take the 4 Kurdish states they hold in the peace deal, and then release Kurdistan. This will cause a decision named "Join the Unions" to appear, which can only be taken once the Soviet Union is at 80% surrender progress and will make the US annex the Soviet Union. If UK accept your demands the country will join your faction - kick it and start justifying, start war, win, annex. hoi4 what to do when capitulate While waiting out the time till 1945 you can play pure defense or just help Germany conquer Western-Europe (play it correctly and you can get all of Belgium and Luxembourg and Repudiate the Treaty of London) and perhaps the Soviet Union. Invade USA through the South, ignore Mexico for the time being. and our So why not go democratic after taking Austria and join the Allies? There are three main alliances in the game, the Allies, the Axis, and the Communist International, that the player can either participate in or stay out. With Man the Guns, assuming leadership on the diplomacy screen requires 50% more factories and fielded manpower than the current leader. Restore the Romanovs to the throne and conquer Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Don't forget to increase the number of factories assigned to A-A/Enigeers after Infantry equipment has a good amount off them. Bring Carol II into power and make a huge army from the start. Defense first, but when they aren't pushing you, push them out very conservatively. Go by Balkans Dominance path, which will help you get cores from 4 of 6 required nations. The decision to form Greater Greece is unlocked either by the focus "Nenikikamen" while your leader is not Georgios Kosmidis, by completing the focus "The Modern Movement" and choosing to have "Ioannis Metaxas" as your country leader, or by completing the focus "Prepare for the Great Anti-Fascist War". Civil war or lend leasing to your overlord are the typical examples. As France, complete the "Little Entente" National Focus, and have all German cores owned by you or someone in your faction. Is fascist I composed the music for the Battle for the Bosphorus pack. B), Choose Fascist Demagogue as your first Political Power spending and turn Fascist (skip Civil War option), Join Axis and help them in wars (Germany has to survive until they research Tiger tank - at least late 1943), Get the Fascist focuses ,declare independence of South Africa, Justify and Declare War on Liberia and puppet them in a peace deal (can also be done by releasing Namibia and justifying on them. While at war with France, justify on Poland - this will get them guaranteed by the UK if you justify on France directly, then justify on Poland while at war with France (if you get France called in, justify on multiple Polish states). If you like it, I would very much appreciate if you'd follow me on Spotify. As the Soviet union, capitulate Germany after the fall of France before the allies control one German core state. Countries in HOI4 are either major countries or minor countries. The Allies can then only attack you on a couple of mountainous tiles (unless you decide for some strange reason to call in those puppets to fight with you), which are easy to defend with the 30ish (irregular) divisions you should have at that point. . Push up and potentially set a secondary invasion from Palermo to Rome. Countries keep fighting after capitulating. Don't continue down the fascist path before defeating Sweden as that will guarantee that they join the Allies. I composed the music for the Battle for the Bosphorus pack. Simply go down and complete a focus which puts Peter in charge, such as End the Regency. From there just keep beating the Brits and building new ships and bombers (importing Oil for fuel if needed) until your fleet sinks the Hood and unlocks the achievement. Even after the official surrender. Launch the naval invasions and Rush the French victory points, and push through the United States - as France will still have Disjointed Government, they'll capitulate after taking Paris and a few others. Copy their template and train the divisions. If one has Man the Guns, an easy way to do this is as the United Kingdom if you go down the King's Party path - reclaim the Dominions (declare war manually as opposed to staging the uprisings), and while at war with the Commonwealth, take Reclaim the Jewel in the Crown, and use the war goals you get to declare on India and Burma - this will get them to join the Commonwealth, and lets you annex them in the peace deal if you take a tile from them while at war (whereas if you attacked them while not at war with anyone else, you'd have to capitulate them the normal way). Beware of Japan as they will likely attempt to attack and invade Indonesia so make sure to guard all ports and have some planes and ships to hold them off. At this point you will get invitations from different candidates for the crown and you have to wait for Karl Albrecht I, the Habsburg claimant. Join. Is a faction leader Immediately begin building the cheapest submarines. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. You will need at least two levels. This is not historically accurate. 10 width infantry divisions are ideal for holding the line, while you can make a few 7 infantry / 2 artillery divisions to make breakthroughs. It can start a classic civil war but this is easy to win. Repeat the naval invasion, in this case against UK. 96. Once you've declared war simly hold your cores and help with defeating the Axis powers. It takes time for resistance to rise to the 90% liberation point. Here is the list of countries that need to be annexed for you to form the Roman Empire, which can also be found in-game under the decision. Attack the Allies immediately after the defeat of the Axis, You have to own the provinces, not just occupy them - watch out for them in a peace treaty, do not let AI take them or you will have to go to war again. This achievement is best done with a world conquest game or with the achievements "Awake and Angry" or "Battlecry". I am 30 hours into the game. The XP needed to create such a template can be gained by sending volunteer divisions to the spanish civil war. 350K subscribers in the hoi4 community. (This method is much faster and more consistent than waiting for them to flip peacefully due to the possibility of bad RNG rolls), Whilst the coups are underway/preparing take all focuses up to "united we shall prevail" do not take "The unification of the Balkans". Don't ask for help in the war. It is important to deal with them early, however, as if left to the late game they can join the Allies and this will force you to fight on multiple fronts with the British Raj. As Germany, control Budweis, Tsingtao, and Guinness directly or through a faction member. Because IIRC casualties=war score, which means the AI throwing themselves into a unwinnable battle gives them a bigger piece of the pie. When the "USS Panay sunk" event fires, take the option to start a war with Japan and defeat them to get them out of the way. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After Molotov-Ribbentrop pact signed and Poland capitulated, Soviets will take Eastern part of it. Doesn't really matter which one. The reason is that you want to max out the guns decision that you get from the focus "Arms Purchases". Before the civil war fires delete all land units and make a single cavalry division in training. Capture all of British mainland (except Northern Ireland) but do not capture London so you can take your time. Safer to do in non-historical as Germany will often take longer to get their war goals and UK often end up not guaranteeing either. A few months into 1941, Italy should be stretched thin. The main goal is defending your original states until 1942.01.31. Once in UK, focus on London and other victory points. At peace conference take at least one Soviet and Polish core territory. Begin by creating and upgrading a spy agency five times to get a second agent and deleting your entire army, start turning fascist through a demagogue and then prepare for a civil war via decisions, continually use the 'Expand civil support' decision to lower stability below 50%, once below 50% stability ignite civil war and rush out one cavalry division to b-line for Stockholm, the enemy should have zero divisions and very little territory so this will be enough to capitulate them. Take as much territory and then join their war against the allies. The Trk Ulusu focus will pacify the Kurdish states, while the Islamist opposition can be dealt with through the Counter-Fundamentalist Operation or compromise decisions (as long as the Kemalist remain loyal). An easier way to do this achievement is to turn fascist as a warlord, then join the Japanese faction. Another way to do this Achievement is to turn Historical focuses off. I'm certain someone else can provide some good division lay outs, I've never been very good at division templates. Complete the "Continue the Zuiderzee Works" focus, defend your coastline and your provinces/states. Latest HOI4 province summary spreadsheet (HOI4v 1 . Any combination of countries in the middle is possible though, like going through Romania and then north of the Black Sea instead of over the Bosphorus, or even via China and French Indochina instead of the Raj. Like with Russia, you need to justify against USA and declare before coup is finished. As Yugoslavia or Bulgaria, be at war while both countries are ruled by a child. You want to make sure you take them before the Allies, so you get the puppet collaboration government. The AI will always accept, as there is a whopping +1000 positive modifier for the AI to accept a request to become Spymaster if the asking country is controlled by a player. what is the rarest hoi4 achievement February 26, 2023 by The easiest way to defeat Turkey is a battle of endurance. Requires the Restore the Bolvar Union decision. Then head to "Force Abdication". Speaking of the Netherlands, how do I get bicycle divisions as the dutch? On historical, rush the fascist path and join the Axis. Simply take the focus Organize the Peasants Strike and then take the decisions to claim provinces as well as the option to expand the strike to the factories. Remove the Fascist Demagogue once Romania flips to Fascist. What Should I do? You can only train 75% of the manpower currently on the field with a minimum of 100.00K. Divide your army in one stack of 16 and 2 stacks of 24. Britain doesn't have a chance to oppose you, so it will be an easy war. Posted on 26 Feb in avondale redbud problems. Once you defeat Turkey and restore Byzantium, you can start working on Romania, dig in on the Bulgarian border and let the Romanian troops destroy themselves in the offensive, then start pushing in. Make sure to justify and declare war in Iran while you are at war with the Soviets, this way they'll join the Comintern. This achievement does not require all the Chinese cores. You need a decent war score because you gained cores on east Germany, you need your old cores and the eastern German provinces to get the achievement. After that concentrate on building naval dockyards and make sure that you researched Modern Ship Torpedo Launcher technology. When the Trotsky seeks refuge event pops up, choose to invite him into the government. Deploy it in Athens after the war starts and take all victory points to quickly end the civil war. You can manage several things from here, including leaving the faction. Do not take the focus "Reconcile Japan" since North Sakhalin is your core. You can wait with the "Agrarian Reform" until the last few days of the timer, this focus adds 70 days to the timer when it is selected. this hoi4 exploit covers how to instantly capitulate enemy nations in hearts of iron 4 like germany or italy. When Germany attacks the Soviet Union, do not join the war and wait until Germany forces the Soviet Union to 80% surrender progress, then take the decision, thus earning you the second Georgia. 66. r/hoi4. has full control of Ile de France. Hearts of Iron IV has 171 different achievements, all using the Steam achievements mechanics. Watch the battle bubbles and manually move troops if you are close to losing. Then, justify and declare on Turkey - by this point, Turkey will only be guaranteed by you and Germany if historical is turned on, and as you are both faction members, the Germans won't answer their call to arms (do not answer any German call to arms against the Soviet Union until after Turkey is defeated). Crushing i.e. Annex for their resources and their navy. With historical AI, you won't be attacked before you can take the focus. Alternatively you can temporarily fight in the Allies' side. They can also be earned with Historical AI Focuses set to off. You can then prepare the war with the USSR. Simply go to war with the colonial powers and occupy enough territories in Africa to create 13 collaboration governments, which will count for the achievement once you complete the Towards African Unity focus. Once that decision is done start boosting resistance in specific French provinces. Build up Sudetenland to level 7 forts via focus, prepare for war against the Axis and refuse Germany's demand for it. Don't even stop once you've taken brussels - you're already at war with france anyway. hoi4 Germany guide will show you how to take all of Europe by 1939 and even get the true blitzkrieg achievement in hearts of iron iv this will be the ultimat. This is a bug, seeing as its unlikely that it was intended for that decision to have more then one use. Change government to fascism as quickly as possible (using the Megali Idea if is active). Questions, Paradox As the U.S.A., Win against the Confederate States. Only a single province per state needs a level 5 railway. Your production line consists of 1 factory on anti-air, one on support equipment and the reset on infantry equipment. hoi4 diplomacy is broken and its never getting fixed, Weird, i thought players were always majors. While you can side with the Japanese first to take out China then backstab the Japanese, it's recommended to deal with Japan first, as they'll inevitably get the United States drawn in when they attack the Philippines. This will at least temporarily increase resistance by 30% and activate a rebellion, even if the Resistance Target for that state is less than 90%. If they do, just give it away. World tension is now too high to grab the other countries without triggering a France or UK guarantee, so build up your army and industry. This can be done as any country but is most straightforward as any of the major nations, particularly Germany, United Kingdom, France and Japan. Justify on Republican Spain, and declare war. Peacefully annex other countries with your king's focuses. Remove your divisions from Eritrea and/or Somaliland (keeping your ports for maximum efficiency) and lay mines with your starting navy until you reach 1000 mines. Build guns and artillery. Playing with historical-ai off has a chance of the UK going anti-colonial. There is a reason why they didn't surrender in WW2 you know. This does mean you are allowed to puppet the Soviets in a peace deal and then have them as part of a faction. From the beginning build a couple of dockyards to increase your convoy production, and maybe some extra submarines too.
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